Welcome to Aviation Asset Management Solutions

Thank you for visiting the new website for Aviation Asset Management Solutions. AAMS is a full service aviation support organization, primarily handlilng aircraft maintenance and flight operations.  AAMS crews and maintenance engineers are fully qualified for worldwide operations on most of today’s modern commercial aircraft.  AAMS is able to crew most modern commercial airliners, as well as all Boeing and Airbus airliners, and have numerous Boeing and Airbus instructors, check captains, and pilots with flexibility in schedules allowing AAMS to support any mission your organization would request.

AAMS understands the requirements of an operator to ensure each crewmember and maintenance technician is fully qualified to ensure the highest level of safety in your operations.  AAMS has the capability to provide personell and training staff to support any flight or maintenance operations that may be required.  Our most important asset is a staff of highly experienced and safety oriented pilots and maintenance engineers to assist you and your organization.


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